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Venom! Spider-Man's greatest villain! I've done him before but now we're gonna do him again!

But this post isn't about him. It's really about his classic host, Eddie Brock. Who just happened to have one of the greatest bods in comics!

 Unlucky for us he's always covering it up in that symbiote junk!

But lucky for us . . .

Any time a weakness of the symbiote is exploited (usually involving a handy sonic gun) it flies off to reveal the hunk underneath!
And for some reason, Eddie always wears just his undies, or even goes downright commando, under the symbiote. I guess . . . to let it bond to him better!

But anyway.

This means that pretty much any Venom appearance will also feature a hot buff naked guy at some point.

Sometimes even two at once.

Man, you guys are lucky my boyfriend lives several states away so I have nothing better to do than look through old comics for this stuff. Just sayin'! x0

Anyway, once Venom's little sonic weakness becomes known, pretty much much everybody started keeping a sonic weapon on hand.

Everyone wanted to defeat him to get a free view of that beefcake.

This lead to him getting lead off by police a lot (always half-naked, of course)

Which also leads to him spending a lot of time in prison, where apparently they didn't make shirts in his size.

But he never stayed there too long.

He always breaks out so he can fight Spidey some more. He's like a damn masochist! Doesn't he know he'll always lose and just be stripped yet again?

 Or maybe he's an exhibitionist.

It eventually gets to where he can't get even a moment's peace.

Spidey even starts recruiting other heroes to get Venom naked. That's just not sporting.

But I guess he believes Eddie's bare ass should be seen by all.

Eventually there's another evil symbiote, Carnage.

Since he has the same weakness, he gets rendered naked a lot too.

  (but he's not as hot as Venom u_u)

Did we say before the heroes were ganging up on Venom?

Well once he turned anti-hero, other villains started in on the fun as well!

Including ol' Carnage again.


Turns out Carnage has a thing for bondage.

Nice, very nice . . .

Though of course, Venom gets the upper hand later, and gets to be the one doing the nudifying for once.

Good for you, big guy.

'Course it doesn't last long.

He's got so many mini-series, and he has to get naked in each!

 Caught by the Punisher!

 The Punisher is lame. u_u

Locked in a cage . . .

 Oh, somewhere along the way Eddie got a horrible mullet.

I hate it.

 Why can't it get blasted off like his symbiote does whenever he's attacked?

Oh well.

Oh, here Brock actually got separated from the symbiote.

And also his clothes.

He just spent the issue naked. u_u

 Then in another mini-series, he was naked again! (Venom's been in a lot of mini-series . . . )

 (butt shot)

But yeah.

This is Venom.

This is Venom providing fanservice.

 Cameo by Logan.

 Shiny bottom~

Protecting innocents.

I think you can kinda see a hairy butt-cheek here, but I'm not sure.

 At some point he shaves his body, but keeps the mullet. *weeps*

Oh, Venom.