Gourry the Bandit Stripper

From the first episode of Slayers. Unffffff, this series. ♥

Anyway, on Gourry Gabriev's first appearance, he saved one Lina Inverse from a gang of unsavory brigands.

For his coup de grace, he throws their unfortunate leader high into the air . . .

Before giving a  demonstration of his sword fighting skills!

A series of high speed cuts, moving faster than the eye can see . . .

When it ends . . . ?


I see Gourry has mastered the sword art of clothing damage . . . !

The poor nudified bandit beats a hasty retreat . . .

In my personal canon Gourry does this to every single bandit they encounter throughout the show. u_u


  1. Lol I am just in the middle of watching slayers(series) for the first time. Their is a episode at the beginning of season 2 where they visit a bandit gang full of bodybuilders I would love screens of that ^^

  2. Oh my God, it's been AGES since I've watched Slayers.

    Never thought I'd see it on the Stash, but JFC this is giving me the warm and fuzzies.