Slam Dunk

This series is kinda old by now, but I've been sorta interested in it for a while. The characters manage to straddle the gap between "pretty" and "manly" and thus be attractive to, well, just about anybody. On the other hand, I don't know if I can handle going through another 100+ episode sports anime. Anyone know if there's any good fanservice manservice scenes in this show so I can skip to the good stuff?

Anyway, this bit is from episode 3.

What's the best way to impress the captain of the basketball team so you can join the team and date his hot sister?

Is it . . . to stumble and trip?

And (accidentally) pull his pants down?

So the whole school can see his bare butt?

Probably not, no.

Slam Dunk.


  1. Hee! You always find the best stuff to post here!

    I dunno if you've been to Y lately but I PMed you a few questions. I figured since you've been such a cool guy with such an awesome blog (even though we don't really talk much anymore I still check here five or six times a day)that I'd commision a pic for you. Just need to hammer out some details for your maximum enjoyment.


  2. I like Sakuragi Hanamichi
    his name is cool too

    and baraspot just got killed
    is there any other forum

  3. Cool. i remember this! im still not finished with it. i left off at episode 61.