It was funny. The other day a buddy of mine asked if I wanted to play World of Warcraft with him on a private server.

I was like, "Oh."

"Ha ha."

"I don't play World of Warcraft."

I do have a lot of porn of it, though!

 For . . . some reason.
Orcs, Trolls, Draenei, Worgen and Tauren, oh my!


 World of Warcraft.


  1. awww... you don't play wow? sad face... lol

  2. I don't do MMOs in general, yeah.

  3. I used to play it, I wanted to make a mod file for private servers where the player had a undershirt and underwear slot. So the player can change his under garments or take them off completely. Also loincloths looked and behaved like loin cloths. Tattoo armor, so a protective seal is painted on th player... Especially effective when you want to roam the world naked but fully protected and totally bad ass looking, with the players cock swinging in the breeze.
    Some of the actions liking mooning actually acted out instead of textually implied. Also installing of some more actions multiplayer actions and some solo actions so you can bust a hot load when the player character is doing the same.