A Good Finisher

So this one time in the Sakigake Otokojuku manga, Toramaru decided he was the one to fight the team's next opponent in the current tournament/trials of death they were in--a sumo fighter! So it was only appropriate that he dress in sumo gear himself.

Makes sense to me!

At first it goes fairly well!
Despite getting a nice wedgie.

 Toramaru's superior speed allows him to dodge and taunt his much bigger foe.


 But then the mostly-naked fighter starts slippin' and slidin' around.

His opponent is using some crazy sweat secretion skill?! (Oh, Sakigake . . . )

Not looking good!

Dangling upside down over the edge of the ring, it looks like Toramaru has had it! His friends look on in horror as he's dropped to fall to his death(!!!!!!)

However, he manages to swing back through clever means of securing his mawashi to the underside of the ring and bouncing back by it (or something . . . ?)

Anyway, what that means for us is . . .

Toramaru finishes the fight naked.
And he doesn't even seem to mind (or notice!) that fact until stupid Togashi points it out.

Stupid Togashi.


  1. Sweet, more sumo!

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