Wolverine cont'd

I said "almost" . . . !


Sheesh, with all the short, hairy, Canadian, Wolverine beefcake Marvel regularly gives us in their comics, it's almost like fanartists don't have anything to do!


One thing you can always count on when a group of rowdy guys get together . . . at some point, the pants are gonna come down, and the butts are gonna come out!


Professional Wrestling

Alright, so I'll admit it. I'm secretly gay for pro-wrestling. But, seriously . . .

. . . can you blame me?


Zentraedi fanservice?

The Macross franchise is normally the last place I'd look for hot men, but the Macross 7 Dynamite OVA managed to surprise me! My findings start off with your run-of-the-mill hot springs scene.And . . . wow. Basara is looking surprisingly beefy today. But that's not the real source of fanservice in this episode! It actually starts when . . .

A gigantic Zentraedi man ass rises out of the waterfall!

That's right. We finally get to see one of those giant male aliens naked. I guess all I can say to that is . . . deculture!

More Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball seems just chock full of butt-shots, doesn't it? Especially of Goku's!
Such as this one.
And this one!
This is actually Goku's father, Bardock--who just happens to look exactly like his son. Wow at those Toriyama genetics.
Unlike his son, though, Bardock here seems a little shy about showing off his muscled Sayajin ass. Darn those conveniently placed tubes! ;]
Yep, Goku sure does get plenty of butt-shots . . .


Dragon Ball Z

Like many, I'm sure, my interest in hot buff men was totally realized as a child by watching Dragon Ball Z. I could watch those studs, ahem, "raising their power levels", all day long.

Vinland Saga

Been reading some Vinland Saga lately! It's nice when hot Vikings go shirtless/naked.



It's about time dog-breath got a post in here!