The second-toughest punk in Sarayashiki High, and also my favorite character from Yu Yu Hakusho. Kuwabara! There was no one else it could've been. I have a weakness for tough guys who secretly love kittens.

I'm pretty sure his name is some kind of pun, because the Japanese typically say "kuwabara kuwabara" in the same way we use "knock on wood". Since he has much higher spiritual awareness than the average person and is always sensing ghosts around him as a "tickly feeling", I'm sure Kuwabara wants to knock on wood a lot!

As you've no doubt already deduced, his outfits often leave his chest exposed.

He has the power to make a cool energy sword with his spirit energy.

Here he is in his usual clothes (his school uniform). But don't worry, readers! Since this is my blog, he'll be taking his shirt off in about two seconds.


Yes, he is much improved shirtless.
Since he's got those bandages shown wrapped around his waist, I wonder if that means he wears a traditional fundoshi under his pants?

Oh well! I guess we'll just have to wonder! (my money's on yes)

Kuwabara is a pretty badass dude.

. . . But he's also a total goof.

Here he is sacrificing some of his life energy to save Yusuke, his bestest bud/rival. D'aww, what a sweet guy!

I'll admit right here that Yusuke/Kuwabara was my YYH OTP. It was made somewhat easier once Kuwabara dreamed about kissing Yusuke. (context is for the weak)



Some more shots of our favorite ruthless Tekken CEO and not-so-loving grandfather! This man stirs all my oyaji-lovin' feelin's.

Most fanservicy scene with him? Lee's ending from Tekken 5.

It starts off with his old man ass.

It seems that after Heihachi's adopted son, Lee, won the Iron First Tournament, he recruited Heihachi as his sex slave--er, waiter
I swear to god, gayest video game ending ever. Speedo and a bow-tie? He looks like he's working for Chippendale now.

It's even more fanservicy than his Player-1 Tekken 4 costume . . .

Can't wait to see him in Tekken 6 . . .


King of Iron Fist Tournament

Gonna showcase a few of my favorite Tekken men here . . .

Kazuya, with his scarred bod.

Fighting back to back with daddy.


My personal favorite, Paul. Namco artists NEED to draw him shirtless for the next game.

Seriously, he's been on my "characters-I-wish-there-was-porn-of" list for years now. But there's just . . . nothing. If you readers find any, lemme know!

Bryan. For those who like their guys mean and sadistic.

Marduk, a character who I CANNOT STAND in-game, but who I also can't help but drool over whenever I fight him. Curse my fetish for big sweaty pro-wrestlers!
By Tekken 5, he and King are buddies. Hmmm, must remember to search for slashfic later.