Singlets, and the athletes who wear them.

Unscripted and unprofessional! Amateur jocks squeezing the buns and groping the nads, 'natch!

We'll start with some little somethings to whet your appetite.

Uh oh, looks like this fellow's got a problem. Luckily his coach is there to to lend a hand.


The real reason why I love singlets so much. C'mon dude. C'mon.

But enough of that! Let's see some hot wrasslin' action!
Dude's about to get spanked.

Sadly though, eventually the singlets have to come off . . .

Well, unless you're this guy.


  1. Did you hear about the two college wrestlers who got in trouble for being in porn shoots? They have pictures in this thread in and out of singlet. You might have to join to see, not sure.

  2. Image number 6 is my favorite ass-shot in the entirety of the internet, even though it's completely covered. It's just ... perfect.

  3. All I want to say is THANK YOU.

  4. This blog is great!

    The guy in the last pic is so hot it hurts!

  5. Dude, great post, I love non proffesional wrestling.

  6. Wrestling, particularly this non-professional wrestling where they actually grapple rather than just shout and pose, has to be one of the most homo-erotic sports. (Swimming comes close but not if they wear those awful body-suits - which ought to be banned)