Best at what he does . . .

So I keep seeing commercials for this new Wolverine movie. Let's be topical again!

Rar! Let's show some official stuff first.

Wolverine in tanktop.

Wolverine in ripped tanktop.

Wolverine shirtless.

More Wolverine shirtless.

Wolverine shirtless and in leather pants?

Wolverine at a cookout!

From the Marvel Swimsuit Specials. These things were great. They gave fanservice shots of men AND women!

Wolverine naked.

Wolverine's naked furry butt.

Wolverine in bondage!

More bondage!

Omega-Red bondage!

A true wilderness man . . .

Now for the porn!

Good thing he's got a healing factor in his rectum.

Some symbiote sex with Venom . . .

Tentacles, too!

You know he'd be an expert at dirty-talk.

Here's a bunch with Wolverine and his enemy/rival/soul-mate/dad?/first-cousin?/brother?/um . . . ACQUAINTENCE, Sabretooth.

And lastly . . . some video-game sprites.


  1. You know what I always liked about the swimsuit specials? Like half the guy's swimsuits appear to just be pasted on. It's like they drew them naked and then someone freaked out and pasted other pics ontop of them. Just look at Wolverine's there, it's like his suit isn't the same style as the rest of the drawing.

    One of my favorite SSE pics was one with Jubilee smiling invitingly with a buch of speedo clad X-MEN playing gayly behind her in a lake. It's like she's inviting you to the Lake Mutant Homoerotism.

  2. Damn, I know I want to see more swimsuit issues now. Great pictures it makes me crave some pictures of Hugh Jackman in as close as possible nudes. That guy is so damn hot.

  3. Excellent post wolverine is my favorite character in x-men i love is hairy chest

  4. It's the stubble on the cheeks that rings my bell. ;-)

  5. where ya get the half naked game sprits?

  6. The picture 'with' Juggernaut is just beautiful. :D