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The situation where one is tied up in one's own jock while wearing it. Leg straps and waistband are stretched and twisted around arms and legs and sometimes, the cup portion is pulled up over the head. Usually seen in high school locker rooms where wrestlers and/or football players hang out. Is used as a noun or as a verb.

Also used to describe the locking of somebody's legs by bending them back and slipping the ankles up through the underwear leg hole or twisting the waistband down over the shoe.

During wrestling practice, they grabbed Ron and in disbelief he struggled as they quickly jock-locked him, wrapping him up in his own athletic supporter like a spider trusses up a fly before leaving him on the floor curled into a helpless, cursing ball.

Wedgie Boner

When you have such a massive boner that it gives you a massive wedgie.

jock wedgie

when comes up behind you in a sport and grabs your jock strap athletic supporter and pulls up hard making the back straps go up your butt.

I was given a jock wedgie by my wrestling teamate for beating him in the meet so while i was changing i was in only my strap while he quietly came up behind me and grabbed it so high that he hung me from the ceiling light and i still touched the ground. then made me watch him take his strap off and put it over my noise and mouth while he tea bagged me.

jock strap respiration

The act of after a physical sporting event (football, lacrosse, etc.) taking your protective cup out of its jock strap and creeping up behind an unsuspecting teammate and placing it forcefully over their nasal passages and mouth. Immediatly after doing so, the victim is tackled to the ground and the cup will be held on for as long as possible until the victim fights himself off from the grapple.

Post attack, the victim is especially angry and considered extremely dangerous. Keep distance and seek shelter.

Maximum effect achieved on a hot, humid day after a long practice, in which the cup will reek of a putrid smell and be oddly moist.

Shortly called "JSR" or more commonly "The Cupface."

Paco gave Joe the worst jock strap respiration move I've ever seen in my life after practice let out yesterday.

jock juice

1. What you get when you wring out a sweaty jock strap.

2. A sports beverage, such as Gator Ade.

At the end of the quarter, Jack drank some jock juice.

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