King of Iron Fist Tournament

Gonna showcase a few of my favorite Tekken men here . . .

Kazuya, with his scarred bod.

Fighting back to back with daddy.


My personal favorite, Paul. Namco artists NEED to draw him shirtless for the next game.

Seriously, he's been on my "characters-I-wish-there-was-porn-of" list for years now. But there's just . . . nothing. If you readers find any, lemme know!

Bryan. For those who like their guys mean and sadistic.

Marduk, a character who I CANNOT STAND in-game, but who I also can't help but drool over whenever I fight him. Curse my fetish for big sweaty pro-wrestlers!
By Tekken 5, he and King are buddies. Hmmm, must remember to search for slashfic later.

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