Outlaw Star

aka. that space/cowboy anime from the 90's that wasn't Cowboy Bebop!

Let's cut to the chase. The show had a hot protagonist.

Gene Starwind. Arrogant, a jerk, lazy, and a lech. He's got bad attitude and a problem with authority! Also has a kickass gun, an untested space ship, and lots of hot chicks on his crew.

He's also prone to sitting around in his boxers a lot. (or just naked)
See what I mean?

Here he is after being poisoned by a kei pirate. Surely stripping him down to his underwear will help his body recover!

And Gene's adventures with underwear doesn't end there. Here he is washing a pair.

Walking around with them.

Hanging them up to dry . . . on one of Gilliam's maintenance lines.

"Gene, why don't you hang them in your quarters?"

"Like I want to wake up with underwear in my face!"

"But . . . they are your underwear."

"That's why I don't want to see 'em!"


There was a trippy vision sequence one time where we saw him and Melfina naked . . . Too bad he's got Ken doll crotch syndrome in it.

And who can forget that episode where he got sent to prison (on purpose!) and got to spend time sweating in the sauna with the guys?
Or the prison ass-rape that followed?
(alright, not really, but we can pretend)

Pagua Sonfa. Pagua Sonfa. Pagua Sonfa.

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  1. I love love LOVE Gene! XD
    Seriously, he's always been on my "Anime Hotties" list! ^_^

    I love the fact that you and I seem to share a taste in anime men!

    Gene needs more love!

    He needs to be more naked more often! XD