Battlestar Galactica

My (current) favorite Sci-Fi show is coming to an end this week, so I guess I'd better post some hot screencaps while it's still topical!

Helo's pretty cool, right? Sure, his character might be a little boring compared to the others--but at least he brings the beef.
Also, he sleeps without a shirt?

Really, he should do everything without a shirt.
Hot back!

Anders is pretty cool, too! When he's not being a doormat.

He also(!) sleeps without a shirt.


Lee is kinda cool, too. I guess. Meh.
That towel is slipping even faster than your idealism and principles, buddy!

To tell the truth, the hottest guy on the show to me is Chief Tyrol. The man is so cuddly. But alas! He never whips his shirt off for gratuitous fanservice.

. . . have some shots of him anyway!

Awww, I can't resist that scruffy face.


  1. I'm sure we're in the minority, but it's nice to see someone else finds the chief as cute as I do.

  2. Tell me about it. He's seriously adorable!

  3. I'm gonna miss Battlestar! Lee's my favorite.

  4. My top 5 :
    1. Helo
    2. Apollo
    3. Chief
    4. Anders
    5. Baltar