Bleach, the rest of it!

Back by popular demand!

We'll start off with some good ol' Renji action.
Poor Kon. xD;;

Maybe Renji shares some similarities with his zanpakuto? x3

Next up is my man Ganju!
Here he is . . . surrounded by cock. Maybe it's his gang? He seems to like guzzling those things, whoever they belong to!

One of the big reasons I adapted Don't Call Me Rube! was because one of the guys looks like Ganju's twin. This guy is so adorable.

In bed with the little guy, Hanatarou. Seems they're both a little spent.

Lastly he's at some sort of hotsprings with Ichigo (OTP!). This one was drawn by Cross, who shares my passion for horny straght-acting guys in denial.

Ichigo and his hollow. Who's the king, and who's the horse?


Ichigo and Chad.

And lastly some tentacles.

All I got for the moment, folks! Enjoy!


  1. You posted my favorites up. The one with Renji and Ichigo with Kon trying to find a hole and the one with Renji gripping his cock and balls. Renji with Rikichi and the Ganju pics are also awesome. As is anything with Kenpachi <3.

    Nice tentacle pic too. Never even seen that one.

  2. Nice collection of Bleach pictures. I particularly like the one at the top featuring a very much preferable version of the Soul Reaper's uniform.

  3. Totally hot. The best picture has got to be the one with the tentacles. And the one with Ganji surrounded by yummy cocks <3