Kaname Ohgi

Lately I've been so crazy about Code Geass you wouldn't even believe it. It's like CLAMP meets Gundam while leaving out the annoying parts of Gundam! But unfortunately, since the character designs are by CLAMP there's a severe lack of beef to the cast. Ohgi is pretty cute though.

Resistance fighter and poofy-haired terrorist. When he gets wounded, his shirt is removed.


  1. YAY! ^_^
    You have no idea how happy I am to hear that you loved Code Geass!
    I too am down right obsessed with that show.
    More than any other anime in a long time.
    I'm so glad to see that another lover of "Bara" guys likes it as well. ^_^

  2. I find that anime awesome too! The story,the art,the music all is entirely perfect in it!!

  3. Also, Tamaki and that member of the Britannia. I think his name was... Odysseus. Also Dalton was kinda hot too. Atleast in my opinion. Shame there wasn't that many bara characters in this series. If it were I might've liked it a little more. Good show though.