Chris Redfield

It's "Chris Redfield Day" over on y!gallery, so it only seems right that I do a Chris Redfield post here at the Stash.
Chris is one of the main characters of the Resident Evil games (as if you didn't know!). He, um. He shoots zombies a lot.
There was a recent surge of popularity for him in the bara community because he stars in the latest (last?) RE game, and looks exceptionally hot in it.

Seriously. Check out his biceps.

But enough of all that! PORN TIME.
Let's watch him in an ever-evolving state of undress, shall we?
Poor Chris! Looks like he needs some "relief" . . .

Ahh, that's better~

Since this is a zombie-fightin' game, naturally there's lots of porn of Chris being molested by zombies. I mean, naturally.

Not to mention all the tentacles . . .

Once in a while he gets to have sex with another human.
Like his old friend Barry.
Mmm, spanky-spanky. x3

Or Leon.

Or Wesker.
This one's an obvious Matsu edit, but oh well~

Also a popular choice for the spankings . . . P< Sometimes even Wesker and tentacles at once!

Or various other RE character who I don't know the names of!


Solid Snake?

Happy Chris Redfield Day~!


  1. Man i admir you !!

    you Post the entry in an AWSOME order ( chain ) !

    First you post the origenals post , then you post the naked images , then the FUK !!

    it's a smart way and for that i keep admir you by the sec =)

    i love chris so mush in RE on PS3

    he is HOT~ HUNK

    thansk for the post

  2. omg thanks for posting all these .. all the artists did a great job. ive seen most of these but the ones i haven't seen are amazing. thanks!

  3. Rhaa la la la! I adore Redfield! He's so hot in RE5! Thanx again Croup! :-)

  4. Amazing pictures! Felt like I'd been grabbed by a load of teasing tentacles. OMG!!!!!!

  5. he is so hot. (And it is an awesome game)

    Additionally, fun fact: they tones him down for the game. (He used to be bigger)

  6. IMHO, no other artist could actually capture the very essence of Chris sexiness, but because the original artist wont draw him naked (or at least shirtless)
    I got instant hardon only by seeing his biceps....
    No wonder i could never finish the game....

    (oh fuck.... those fan made images ARE good. *fap fap* )

  7. The 4th picture with Wesker is linked instead to this one http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_UYq3yI0ZvPU/SmkhAg87gCI/AAAAAAAAGdU/MVvQzM661AY/s1600-h/re+bangda+-+WeskerChris+Done.jpg (the one after the two with spanking). What is the actual link?