The Stash returns after a brief hiatus for Furry Friday! This week we return to the Breath of Fire game series, perennial favorite of anthro pervs everywhere! (at least until V came out and killed the franchise with it's obtuse play mechanics, oops!)

Anyway, our character today is Garr. You might notice that he's scaly, so perhaps Garr isn't "furry" per se. But he's part . . . dragon . . . or something . . . so he totally counts!
This is his official art! Note the . . . pearl necklace?

This is also official art. Hah! hah! Not really. Stare at these two pictures very carefully until you can spot the difference. Give up? The answer is at the bottom of this post!*

Bulging groin? Check.

Badass spear? Check.

Badass spear AND bulging groin? Check.

And now we get to images that are simply porn.

At the mercy of were-tiger Rei!

Gettin' serviced by BoF IV Cray.

*I think the second might be after Garr sees Ryu nekkid?


  1. That's one Dragon I'll love to play with

  2. Love love love!!

  3. up till now I thought that Garr is a birdman...