The Dragonball franchise's most popular pairing (I'm pretty sure? Eh, it's gotta be) Goku and Vegeta. Enemies, rivals, comrades, maybe even friends?

Let's take a look at them individually first, eh? Goku!He's practically the archetype of the doofy shonen hero.

And now for Vegeta!
If Goku is the archtypal shonen "hero", then Vegeta is the archetypal shonen "rival". After being defeated by Goku at the end of the first arc, Vegeta spends practically the whole rest of the series bitter about it and trying to catch up to Goku's power. Oh, and being really badass.

Plus, as you can see, he's got a huge mouth. Perfect for swallowing cock!

And now for them both together! As the last full-blooded Saiyans around, some things can only be shared between the two of them.
Couldn't have said it better myself, Vegeta!

Pretty sparkly porn~
Spanking each other~

A few manga pages~
Aww, the dads out with their boys.

Thanks for making it down this far!


  1. I like this pairing, and I have a favorite doujinshika - it's Grefree. She goes by the name Ema [http://www.geocities.jp/ema_cv555/EMA/] and her books are excellent.

    Sadly, eBay vendors gouge for her books, so I try and score them from online resellers like YouClub.

  2. all this dbz yaoi is just SO delicious !