Savage Dragon (2)

One of the hottest comic covers ever? Possibly.

In his 30th issue (I think) Dragon is sent to Hell! He meets Spawn there and they hang out and stuff.

And since Hell is only what you make it and stuff (also, "other people" but that's a whole other thing . . . ), it only makes sense for Dragon to be completely naked during his stay there.

Of course it does.

True to all profits-maximizing superhero crossovers, Dragon also appeared in that month's issue of Spawn, where his appearance was much more bestial than usual.

A raging hairy-butted beast!

Back to his own book, the butt shots continue.

God even makes an appearance, utilizing his standard (yet boring) "old bearded white guy" look.

"What does God need with a starship?"


  1. Its amazing that you make the Savage Dragon posts without any non-canon material and yet they're still absolutely...dirty.

  2. I was anticipating the "Part Two" to be fan-fic, but it seems there's a lot of material to work with! I admit I hadn't heard of the character before your first post :(

    The more you know.

  3. "Where did I come from?"
    "Your parents conceived you."
    Best and snarkiest god ever. XD