Reward For The Capture Of . . .

Alright, I have a confession to make. I am the biggest fan of Farscape in the world.

Yes, I am. Well, okay, maybe not the BIGGEST, but I loved that show so bad. SO bad. DAMN YOU SCI-FI FOR CANCELING IT.

And I'll confess this, too. A big part of my fanboying is likely due to how damn hot the main character, John Crichton (played by Ben Browder) was. I mean, goddamn.

Even TV Guide agrees with me.

But seriously, the man is hot.

I remember how young and innocent he looked in the first season. Getting all embarrassed about losing his clothes after he was captured by Moya's crew . . . (if I captured John Crichton, I'd probably strip him naked first thing, too)

Not that we-the-viewers could see anything. Damn bars getting in the way!

He gets over his shyness pretty fast though, and soon starts baring his half-naked torso to his alien buddies without a second thought.

He even looks good while sporting a ridiculous beard and trying for that 'Castaway' look.

And I don't watch Stargate, but maybe I should if Ben Browder gets to walk around in his underwear and get hand-cuffed to beds and things.
Nice bulge.
(Actually, no, I shouldn't watch Stargate. I kinda hate that show. Curses!)

Crichton looks adorable when he's sleeping.
. . . when he wakes up, too!

But don't let the warm fuzzies mislead you. The man is pure bad-ass.

And I probably don't even need to say this, but his butt looks incredible no matter what he's wearing.
The problem is he KNOWS it! xD

In khakis.

In jeans.

In flight-suits.

And especially his standard ensemble, leather.

Did I mention leather?

Oh, Jim Henson wardrobe department. What lovely people you all must be.


  1. I totally agree - hot. hot. hot.

    Loved that show.

  2. Damn, muscles, tight ass, big bulge. He's got it all.

    And his chest is almost as hairy as yours. Almost. Spoilers Croup fans: Croup's chest looks like he's got an animal tied on. :3

  3. I love this show. Great sci-fi as well as the obviously almost edible Crichton.
    Lovely butt shots MFG, keep up the good work :)

  4. Hands down, the best ass on television.

  5. ah, Ben. After you, nothing compares....someone needs to put this guy in a movie, a rated R movie with lots and lots of sex scenes and him being naked, :D

  6. Oh BEN - I want that ASS!!!