Strawberry & Cream

More fanart of Bleach's Ichigo, punks!
Seems he misplaced his shinigami robes here . . .

Ichigo, dude, you're supposed to measure from the base, not the balls. Somebody teach this guy how it's done!

Well, this at least he seems to know the hang of. (and Kon seems to be admiring the view)

. . . though he seems a bit miffed about cleaning up afterwards.

Stripping out of his clothes . . . Oh, the shame of it all!

Having a little fun with Kon, clearly. But which is which?

And Renji gets in on some of the action, too. Ichigo is like the fandom bicycle. Everyone's been on him for a ride.
Byakuya's wandering hands.

In wacky anime land, rivals always make good lovers.
Ichigo's "other" sword. HURR HURR.


  1. Love the title of this post. :3

    Also, first pic as always been one of my favorites. A well drawn Ichigo leaking pre just before he blows his big load on that floor.

  2. Holy crap! That's some damn good Ichigo. Where'd you come up with them, especially the ones with Renji and Ichigo?