An ode to Hiba Kanji

A cool thing about Takeshi Matsu' work is that once in a while he'll bring an old character back for a new story. They're fan-favorites, and provide a nice bit of continuity between all his scraps of porn.

Hiba Kanji is a good example. He's been in at least four (count 'em! four!) stories. Here he is showing his best side.
This is from Three Animals Go!!! (translated by Fushicho, adapted by myself) and is his first appearance. Right off the bat (pun intended) we learn he's a baseball jock. That character-trait will continue to serve him in his re-appearances.

His front side's not too bad looking either. He fills the big macho guy role in this story. But if you think he's beefy now, just wait until later!

It should also be noted that in pretty much every story he's in, he somehow gets molested or butt-fucked. This is as it should be.

Next time we see him, he's bigger, he's hunkier, and he's STILL got that band-aid on his face. He's also teamed up with a hell of a top, forming a partnership that won't quit anytime soon.
Yep, he's the dumb jock from Perfect Manager Kazuma (translated byTakaya and Satoshi, adapted by Rastapapholous). Tricked into getting his measurements taken (and we mean ALL his measurements), the guy soon gets in over his head.I believe he loses his anal virginity in this story, but I could be wrong.

Next time he shows up, it's in Things To Do At a Summer Resort (still untranslated, sadly). This is one of TM's big crossover stories, where LOTS of previous characters show up. What's interesting though, is that Hiba is once again paired with Kazuma. Seems this is one pairing that Matsu likes a lot, since they're featured in the same story as the "destined for each other" guys of I'm Quitting This Part-Time Job! and Kill the Bear Someday.

Just like an old married couple, aren't they?

His last (so far!) appearance is in this story. Like the last one, it's still not translated. The title though, according to some kind anonymous commenters, is Perfect Manager Kazuma vs. Student Council President Kotaro. Kazuya is a main character again in this one, but Hiba also makes a brief cameo as Kazuya's fucktoy!

Hopefully Matsu utilizes this character again soon, because he really is one of my favorites. x3


  1. http://www.mediafire.com/?y2z2zm2nyw2

  2. Hum... I never noticed that. I thought that the characters was only similar to each other, because of Matsu's style. XD
    Well, I love Takeshi Matsu's works. I'm brazilian and there's pratically NO BARA translated here. What a pity. Luckly I understand English and I was thinking about translate some works for brazilian fans...
    Well, I hope somebody translate those mangas soon. Bai ^^/

  3. The characters WERE... Sorry. I really need to sleep. XD

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    Yeah, the title should be something like, "Perfect Manager Kazuma vs. Student Council Head/President Kotaro".

  5. linkOP: works for me, sure you copied it right?



  6. Thanks for the info, Anonymous! Off to edit.

    Diego, I'm not sure where, but I'm pretty sure there's a Spanish-speaking bara board somewhere with a few Matsu comics translated into your language. I agree that translating more for your countrymen would be an honorable pursuit!