In response to my last FMA post, the esteemed IppoAnon noted the unfortunate lack of Heymans Breda. Frankly, I couldn't agree more. So here we go, his own post!

EDIT: Once again, some additional images sent in by Roalli!

PLFMNSVGH. I can't even do this. The man is too adorable. That big nose. That bit of chin scruff. His manly expressions. Yeah, once in a while I have a thing for stocky guys, and Breda pushes all the right buttons.

Plus he's got such a cute grin~

He and Havoc are best buds, which makes them my secret FMA OTP. But that's besides the point!

THIS is the point: According to the FMA chibi short, he likes to take his clothes off when he drinks.
. . . and Fuery likes to film him.

Military issued boxers~

Big suckable nipples.

He's also got a horrible, neurotic fear of dogs (even cute lil puppies!)

Which can be a problem . . . in the showers . . . ?

Ah, washing without a dog around is much easier for him. :3

And so is masturbating, probably!

Or getting butt-stuffed.

. . . Or getting gangbanged by your co-workers!


  1. Yay for Breda!

  2. What anime is this guy came from ....X_x ?

  3. Wow. I had totally forgot about how hot he is in FMA. Those picture you posted were really hot.

  4. Must mold body in his image. He is so so so so adorable! I could hug and cuddle with him forever.