Zell Dincht

Let's do a theme week. You want a theme week? Let's do a theme week!

I've played way too much Final Fantasy in my life. Do you like Final Fantasy too? Let's do Final Fantasy!

Cool dude Timemonkey commented a couple posts back about Zell. You all like Zell? Let's do a post about Zell!

Here is his silly face. Ridiculous hair? Check! I guess he really IS a JRPG character. Wakka kinda steals this style in FFX.

. . . but I like his tattoo.

Anyway, Zell was the martial artist of FFVIII, kinda like Sabin but not as cool. He was goofy and hyper. Oh, and he obsessed with hot dogs. Seriously, every two seconds the guy would start whining about nice, thick, juicy hot dogs, and how he never got any. Pretty sure it was secret SeeD code that he liked COCK.

Hover-boarding! Zell was a fun-loving guy who liked to go wild! he was forever riding that thing around Garden, despite it being AGAINST THE RULES.

Here he's making out with the jerk who's always bullying him, Seifer. Fangirls LOVE this pairing, but this is the only fanart I've managed to find that makes it actually look hot.

Fapping right in the gymnasium? Zell, have you no shame!

Zell likes to wear aprons.

. . . and cat suits?

This uncolored WIP was too hot not to share . . .

Zell's habit of masturbating in public places gets him in trouble again . . .

Chicken wuss.


  1. Zell = modern day Sabin + goofiness and tatto

    Agreed, i think tidus copied a lot of zell's style

  2. Yay Zell! ^_^

    He's so awsome! He was silly and hyper and yet smart and sweet. And I have this whole theory about how he and Seifer hooked up shortly before the game.

    I used to have a Zerll Guild over on Gaia and we had some great sexy pics of him. I'll have to see if I can get back there sometime.

    Tell me Zell didn't look awsome in his SeeD uniform, I dare you! I wish we could have picked which outfits they wore, why even redesign the sprite if it's only going to be used once?

    Oh, and the hot dog obsession? Totally code for loving cock, hell he's the only guy in the game not to show interest at any point in any woman. Even Seifer, whom I also suspect of possessing a love of cock had a previous relationship with Rinoa.

  3. Alos, I think hat's a moogle suit, not a cat suit.