Barret Wallace

Terrorist. AVALANCHE boss. Family man. Gun-arm. Mister T impersonator.

Final Fantasy Week continues here at the stash! This time we take a look at Barret from Final Fantasy VII. The man was all kinds of badass.

Here's what he looked like in the game. Wow . . . wh-what cutting edge graphics!

And here's his look from the movie Advent Children.

Mmmmm, lickable chest.

Standing around with some other schmos.

He's got an action figure that's RIPPED.It's no less than he deserves, I suppose!

Next we attack you with some big beefy fanart.

Messing around with Cid.

This one's by one of my favorite artists, Hellboy. It's what happens when Barret tests out a new gun-arm attachment without properly securing his clothing. ♥

And who can forget the time Barret disguised himself in that little sailor suit?

Pound that tight bishie ass.


  1. Mmmmm, FFVII males.

  2. Not bad, but personally I'd be all over AC Cid.

  3. Did you read my mind, Timemonkey? Check out the post above!