Dragon Rangers Prologue--ENGLISH

For all you horny Power Rangers fans! The first of five parts.

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This one was a real pain to edit, mostly because Syunnpei makes all his word balloons transparent for some reason so the background shows through. It was worth it though, because IMO these are Nakata's hottest stories. Where I could, I retained the effect (mostly where it was hot) and even redrew parts of the panels in many pages. In places where it didn't add anything to the story though and would just be a hassle, I saved countless hours of my life and just turned the insides of the balloons white. Sorry to any purists out there!


  1. Oh my silver plated colonial oath!!
    These comics are SO DAMN HOT!!
    nobody draws bulging packages and helplessly spread legs like Nakata.

  2. You are awesome! XD
    I've been in love with Nakatas ranger stories for a long time and have always wanted them in English! ^_^
    They always manage to fit into my embarrassment fetish in some way.
    These comics always make me think back to watching Power Rangers years ago and how I would fantasize about the hot guys in spandex.
    Whoops! Too much information. :P

    Thanks for this SoupGoblin!
    Keep up the great work. ^_^

  3. Hmmm....
    My copy of the file just finished downloading and the comic in it is untranslated and stars the yellow Dragon Ranger, not the Red one.

    Did I download the wrong one?

  4. Never mind! ^_^

    I just downloaded the wrong file from the Mediafire link. :P

  5. Oops, no Sid, that was my bad. The mediafire link goes to the right place now!

  6. Do I understand this plot correctly? The "hero" just lets his students be tentacle raped and then rapes the villain? My kind of hero!

  7. Awesome, awesome, awesome!! Thanks so much for this guys! :)

  8. :(

    It appears as an unknown file type. Please help me fix this. I use windows XP. This is my favorite artist. I was the one who asked for more of his work months ago.

    Please help!

  9. Anon: Do you have WinRar?

    Croup: OH JESUS. this is delicious.

    ...well, guess I know what I'll be doing tonight.

  10. This is WAY too hot. I'd love to see that one by this artist where the guy finds a genie or something in a sword. I'd LOVE to know what they're saying. I hope you have intentions of doing that one.