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So, like all cool art appreciators, I watch many artists on various online galleries. And once in a while, one of my favorites announces that they're open for commissions! That's when I, as an esteemed patron of the arts, open my wallet, take stock of exactly how broke I am, and gauge whether I can afford a slot or not.

There is something totally cool about feeding a simple description to a talented artist and then have finished art come back. I urge everybody to try it out at least once~

A Gen13 fanart by Dongsaeng of Grunge getting spanked over teammate Burnout's knee. Burnout's heat powers assists nicely in roasting that shapely behind.

Another Gen13 spanking commission. This time Grunge finds himself over team mentor Lynch's lap. In my imagination, Grunge never goes too long without getting well-deserved spankings from somebody.

Naruto fanart, featuring the titular character alongside Inuzuka Kiba in wrestling singlets. This piece is based on an old unfinished fanfic series of mine Konoha Wrestling which took these two out of their traditional ninja setting and placed them on a modern-day wrestling team. I'm a big fan of both these characters, and although I'm almost entirely out of the Naruto fandom these days they still remain one of my favorite couples ever.

A Final Fantasy VI commission. The idea behind this one was simple. Anyone who's played FFVI probably remembers the part in South Figaro where Locke's special 'steal' command is used to snatch off a guard's clothes mid-battle to disguise himself with. The same concept is used in this piece, except it's hunky party member Sabin who gets instantly stripped--for reasons unknown. ;p

Another Gen13 one. Dongsaeng is a big fan of this silly superhero series as well, so I never felt guilty commissioning him for several works of the same subjects. The one giving it to Grunge here is Tommy, a character introduced during Adam Warren's run who was very competitive with our tattoo'd hero. I recall they got into several disputes over which of them was tougher/more manly. Grunge being a closet powerbottom is backed up by various scenes throughout the series. ^^

Some of these images I've been harboring in my brain for yeeeears, hahah.

Last from Dongsaeng is a Suikoden II fanart of Viktor and player character Riou. Suikoden is an extremely underrated RPG series which, after two lackluster PS2 entries and an abysmal DS incarnation, is likely dead and buried. You acquire your own castle in the games which your army populates, complete with it's own bathhouse (once you recruit the obligatory bathhouse character) where you can view certain scenes depending who you bring with you. This was my idea of such a scene with just a teensy bit less censorship than the game allowed. ;]

Speaking of Viktor, I also chose him when Szadek put out a call for RPG characters, along with . . .

. . . Valkyrie Profile's Arngrim. For these two the commissioner (me) only submitted the character and Szadek came up with pose and everything else himself.

Fruitdrop is next on my commissioned artist list. As one of the best spanko artists of all time, that favorite fetish of mine naturally worked it's way into everything I requested. Here we see Lion-O of Thundercats over Mum-Ra's lap with his butt in the air getting warmed. Panthro and Tigra can be seen in the background, having already suffered the humiliating and painful ordeal at the villain's hands. Ancient Spirits of Evil never stung like THIS before! Note that these are the old designs from the 80's cartoon show, as the new reboot wasn't even in production at the time I commissioned this. ^^

My old Naruto fandom shows itself once again, as we get another Naruto and Kiba piece. Shikamaru and Chouji join in as well as onlookers (and unwilling participants?). The idea behind this one was that the boys are playing strip poker, with additional rules for losing a hand once they were completely naked. Kiba seems to be the first 'loser' of the group, but I doubt he'll be the last. Chouji seems to be rather enjoying the view.

Here we get a Street Fighter x Tekken fanart. IMHO Akuma makes a much better rival for Kazuya than Ryu does, as they share more similarities between them. Originally this was going to be the first in a series of different hunks from both series disciplining each other, but for some reason I never followed up on it. That said, the world needs WAY more Street Fighter and Tekken crossover porn.

Here is a good example of what can happen when an artist asks if I want any specific pose, and I just tell them to 'surprise me'. Fruitdrop blew me away with this one, and turned what might have been a rather lackluster Omega-Red/Wolverine/Sabretooth paddling pic into one of my personal top ten hottest pieces of art of all time.

The last of my Fruitdrop commissions (for now). Yes, those are the guys from Dragon Ranger bent over for a good paddling. xD

To close the list is Jubell, a truly deranged individual. This was the first thing I commissioned from him and, yeah, I'm sorry I further spread that terrible 'nine thousand' meme too. But this is another example of punishment scenes I've had in my head since middle school.

This got it's own post a while back, but I'm including it again just because I love it that much. Ora ora!

One last Naruto fanart. Here Kiba and Naruto both sport massive erections and engage in a cock-size competition, which in my imagination is rather par the course for them. They like to keep active. One wonders what Akamaru thinks of all this.

Another look at Gen13. I'm pretty sure Grunge and Burnout have had extra-dimensional experiences at least once, so it's totally possible they could have fallen prey to a Lovecraftian monstrosity. The lit candles are all Jubell. xD

A Macross Plus fanart. As a huge fan of every Macross series, I'm often frustrated by the lack of any (ANY!) gay erotica for the franchise, and so felt justified trying to fill that gap in my own small way. Here we see Isamu getting a much-needed seat warming from old friend/bitter enemy Guld. Apparently Guld is really putting his all into it, as his Zentron strength has now resulted in ripping poor Isamu's flightsuit.

And lastly Hajime no Ippo gets that special 'Jubell touch'. I asked Jubell for either spanking or public humiliation for this one, but in the end he offered me both in one. That crafty dog!

Maybe next paycheck I'll see who else is offering cheap commissions~

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  1. Sizzling spanko imagery here! thx for sharing these cool..errm..hawt illos.