Isao Kondo

Align CenterIn other news, I started watching Gintama for real today (instead of just selected episodes with nude scenes >_>)

I can already tell that Kondo will be my favorite.


  1. Gintama is my favorite anime ♥

    Kondo is also my favorite x]

    Wait for episode 8, where you can see Kondo in a fundoshi xD

  2. You've just helped motivate me to keep watching, Cetais. xD

    Actually, from what I hear we see Kondo naked fairly often? (not to Ryotsu levels, but often enough that it's a running gag)

  3. Yeah, Kondo is naked often. Ther's also the shogun who is naked every time he appear. There's also other character who appear nude.

    The only problem in Gintama is the number of episodes XD

    Still, the beggining is a little slow, things start to move at 50, with the Benizakura arc (you can also watch the movie, it's awesome)

    If comedy isn't your style, you can still search for every nude scene in gintama, there's a ton.

    Oh, and I love to put my MAL account everywhere I go: http://myanimelist.net/profile/cetais
    (I note thing on how I enjoyed it, so that explain how I rated some thing "this" high)