Asura's Wrath v.2

A sorta sequel to my last post on this subject. So like, I know it's cool to hate on this game because it's pretty much just one long over-priced Quick Time Event but WHATEVERRRR. I liked it and I don't care!

But I'm one of those types who can forgive pretty much anything as long as a game's artstyle is unique.

Plus, it has basically the best DLC of all time. (why have I not seen any Asura/Ryu or Asura/Akuma porn yet? ;_;)

Anyway, this post isn't even about Asura. It's all about his bearded bara-tastic mentor AUGUS! Who, for the record, has my vote for sexiest video game man of the year. What's that, the year's not even half over? Hahahahah! I dare anyone to dethrone him!

Augus, by the way, was ALMOST the main character. (or at least his design was) Oh, here's me, weeping at what could have been. :0

Anyway, let's check out some Augus artwork as shown in the game's interludes.


 Next we got . . . fanart?


And lastly let's get some higher quality screencaps of the game's hotspring scene. ♥

 Asura's Wrath.

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  1. Awesome!!! Please make a post of guys in awkward situations!! Love your blog!!