Asura's Wrath

 For all the six-arm part-cyborg(?) buddhist god fetishists out there!

 BUT THERE IS NO SHAME IN THAT. This is Asura, star of Asura's Wrath, a game about Asura being really angry all the time and punching things. He has six arms sometimes and awesome abs all the time.

But who cares!

 The man I am all about is Augus, Asura's old master who is such a DILF oh my god. He also loves fighting more than awesome food or having sex.

 Soooo manly.

 If you play the demo (which is how I even found out about this game) you can fight him in basically the most epic video game battle of all time.

On the moon. With "New World Symphony" playing OH GOD! ♥♥♥
 Buddhist DBZ.

 It's sword time, fuckers.


 But anyway.

 BEFORE that fight on the moon, there's another scene.

 One which is NOT INCLUDED on the demo!

 Asura wakes up!

 To find himself in a . . .

 Hot spring?

 What's going on?

 How did he get here?

 And why is there a naked Augus over there.

 Wait a second! Naked . . .

 . . . AUGUS?!

 Thank you, bara fanservice gods.

 Asura's all ready to fight! (oh yeah, he's sworn to kill all the gods in heaven or something something)

 Except . . . wait a sec . . .

 Something's off . . .

 He's naked too, isn't he. (yes)

 Augus the DILF comes over.

 But then instead of fightin' . . .

 Proceeds to relax quite charmingly!

 He gives some speech about eating a lot and fucking girls so that two buff naked guys talking together doesn't seem too gay.

 That is his cunning plan.

 . . .

 It seems to work since Asura relaxes too.

 Next Augus brings in . . .

 The EYECANDY (if you are a straight male) (or I guess a lesbian) (or even bi)

 Oh dear.

 What is this.


Asura gets progressively drunker as the partying goes on.

 It's like a mini-game.

 Where you're forced to be straight and try to feel boobies. x0

But at least Asura gets a cock-blocking PUNCH TO THE FACE in answer to the pain he's caused me, the player, courtesy of Augus.

 For his inappropriate hot spring conduct, Asura is--wait. WAIT. What is that. What.


Did they give . . . ? Did they really . . . ?
 . . . okay, no. I dunno if it's just the hot spring mists or youtube's bad quality, but it looks like he's just got a vague . . . bump there.

 At least he's not a Ken doll! x0

 At least we get a semi-clear view of his ass next split-second screencap. ♥


 And Augus's gotta shown his own backside, naturally. (god I love hot springs)

 So manly. ♥

He goes to flex his muscles while showing off said booty, but unfortunately the scene changes just then so the screen goes all white. :0

 The two share one last companionable drink.

 Before mutually deciding . . .


Asura's Wrath.


  1. It looks like a cool game. What system is it on?

  2. @Sum Guy its for PS3 and 360.

  3. "It looks like a cool game. What system is it on?"

    In fact, many users say the game is a piece of shit.

  4. It's kinda sad because they gave Lucifer a fully physics-enabled dong in Dante's Inferno. They could do that here! :(

  5. lol, how could "many users" say that when the game isn't even out yet? ;P

  6. "how could "many users" say that when the game isn't even out yet?"

    Because the demo is available.

    1. But a demo is a demo and not really representative of a final product. A demo is a beta and you don't bitch about issues or something you don't like in a beta.(I know the game has been out for I while now but I just hate idiots like this guy

  7. Asura has a nice ass ;D

  8. AmyTheStrawberryJuly 27, 2012 at 5:42 PM

    It looks like you really wanna get laid with Augus! XD YOU GO GET SOME! ;D

  9. anyone that says that this game is a piece of shit knows nothing about video games and their statments shuold never again be listened to because they just called one of if not the greatest game ever a "piece of shit."

  10. I played throughout asuras wrath at least 10 times and always found new things to do and slways got chills from all of the fights and evrytime i beat the game i cried and at the end when i beat the game enough asura died i was heart broken all of his mantra gone such a good game