The Paddle Line


 Well! Back to Sakigake! Otokojuku!

I've mentioned that Toramaru is my favorite character, yes? Of course I have.

 Well, part of that . . .

 Is because he has such awesome flashbacks.


 Oh, it's those bad teachers again.

 . . .

 . . .

 I am positive I've had wet dreams just like this.

 The students obey, naturally. OBVIOUSLY a bare-ass paddling is to be expected on their first day. (I love this school)

 . . . what beautiful backsides!

 Mixing some Buddhist philosophies with the discipline, eh?

 Oh my godddd so hot. Dx

 The first swat is explosive!


 The second swat, equally so!


 And so up and down the line the teachers go . . .

 Giving each ass a good hard smack!

 And leaving the cheeks a nice meaty red.

The only sounds heard are pained yelps and the noise of wood slapping flesh.

  The teachers are very thorough in their duty . . .

 No pair of buttocks is left unpunished.

 That is . . .

 Until . . .

 We come face to face with the finest ass of all!

 I couldn't have put it better myself, Oni-Hige!


 That fine ass is actually Toramaru's younger self, and he refuses to be disciplined!

 Kicking his instructor in the face, he's then sentenced to alternative, even worse punishment (holding up a ridiculously heavy ceiling for half a year O_o) He never does get that spanking he needs.

Toramaru is just a big tease. x0


  1. This is amazing. Some artist with an anime background ought to make sure this guy gets the paddling he deserves. And then some!

  2. Haha, agreed, Turquine!

    (and holy crap, you read the 'Stash? I check YOUR blog for updates every day :D)

  3. How does one get into this school?

  4. I wanna more Toramaru's ass, por favor