Fantastic 4

Johnny Storm, AKA the Human Torch! One of the hottest (heh) superheroes in comics.

Now, as everyone knows, the Fantastic Four's costumes are made of unstable molecules, which means they conform to the wearer's bodies and don't lead to wardrobe malfunctions whenever they use their powers.

Such as this one.

So what did the live action movie do when Johnny's powers first manifested and they didn't have them unstable molecule clothes yet?


We're treated to a good chunk of the movie with Johnny (played by Chris Evans! ♥) smiling and running around like this.

With only a pink jacket? blanket? wrapped 'round his midsection.

But since Johnny knows he's so hot, he doesn't seem to mind.





Later on, we even get to see Ben Grimm aka Thing, sans clothing after his powers are taken away.

Mmmm, not bad!

But I think I prefer his sexier classic look. x3

Fantastic Four

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  1. Ah yes, I loved Torch in those movies.