From the light novel/anime Fate/zero.

 This fella's name is Rider.

 And he wants to conquer the world.

 He's the reincarnation of Alexander the Great? Or . . . something? He's some kind of summoned spirit?

 I don't actually know anything about the Fate/stay night series.

 Yeah, I'm a bad otaku. BUT THAT'S NOT IMPORTANT.

 We're here to talk about Rider, who is wonderful from every angle.

 What I love best about his armor is that it has that great little opening between his pecs. It's like a cleavage window. Man cleavage.

 The thing that freaks me out about him though? He looks just like my Dragon Age II character. Same beard. Same hair color and style. Same facial features. Same EVERYTHING. Hell, draw a picture of Rider making out with Fenris and that's my game. It's as if the novel artist stole a copy of my save, then went back in time and cribbed off it for character designs. That's the most likely theory, anyway.


  But anyway.

. . . Rider is really beefy. (did I mention that all ready?)

Oh! This slighter guy is Waver, his master who summoned him. He is neither a pre-teen nor a woman.

Rider's boisterous and impulsive personality clashes with Waver's, but in the end . . .

 . . . they're basically the cutest thing ever?

 Fanart of these two is interesting to me. It's almost like wish fulfillment. I mean, I'm sure many of us gay geeks wish we looked a bit manlier ourselves, but are more akin to Waver's gentle features. Meanwhile, we definitely want a stud like Rider around to keep us company, protect us from danger, be all outgoing and break us out of our shells a bit . . . *sigh*

 Rubber ducky, you're the one~

 Oh, so anyway. The fandom kind of collectively decided that Rider is some kinda nudist and just wantonly strips all over the place.

 Oh, the shame!

 The indecency!

But their position is BASICALLY warranted by scenes like this sprinkled liberally through the anime. I think some wonderful animator at the studio also has a boner for bara. :3


 Oops, we're drifting into more risque territory now.

Quick, hide somewhere! Close your eyes!

Lest you see specially made armor for a penis, good protection for mighty warriors!

Or worse, one that's totally uncovered!

 Rider . . . you're naked!

 *GASP* Cover that thing, man!

 A dick that luscious must be censored.




 CENSORED! No matter the cost!

 Oh, whoops. One slipped by.

 Here! Some butt instead.

It's actually pretty acceptable for men to show their butts, according to the bizarro rules of the society in which we live.


Well, okay, now you're pushing it again.

 Oh Rider.

 What are we going to do with you?

Only one thing left, I suppose.

Sexings. u_u

LOTS of sexings.

It's the only way!

I'm sorry, readers. I know how distatesful you find this kind of material.

 Let's just suffer through it together, shall we?

 Garett Hawke. I mean, er . . . Rider!


  1. GOd soo Hot, i love your taste! and im not an expert on fate/stayNight or Fate/Zero wich is where hes from cause in Stay Night the current Rider was a Skanky assasin woman. I preffer this Rider much more, i think hes alexander the great, Rider is just the Type of summon he is if i recall. Man now your making me watch the whole anime damm you hehehe Thanks for the hot pics

  2. its a great show, i just started watching it. Hes one of the *BIG* reasons, pun intended. But all the characters are really interesting and the action is really good, so it's fun to watch even when Rider isn't on the screen.

    Rider aka Alexander "Iskander" the Great is hot

  3. I know most people liked to hate the Rider/Waver pairing, and I'm so grateful you didn't shy away from showing some of the art that shows them together (love!).

    I especially adored the little analogy you brought up about why it's so cute, even if most of us will deny it to the death.

    You just made my day Croup, thanks!

  4. Seriously...you don't know how long I've been waiting for this post. Fate is one of my favorite series ever! You'd be surprised how much of this is in the anime...a lot of the time he's in boxers and that tight ass shirt...God I love that shirt...anyways yeah you should give the anime a try ;) IF you want to know more of the show I'd be glad to help you out with that ^^ other than that great post man, thank you for the sweet pics <3 I don't know if you've done a Berserker post, but you should sleep on it haha~

  5. Awesome post! This is exactly what i needed to wake up to :). I'm trying to get back into watching anime again and this post is making me REALLY want to watch this one haha!

  6. Awesome! I Love this Guy. I've Been Watching This Anime Before and it was cool. Gotta Love that Tee hes wearing Btw.

  7. Thank you so much for the images. Iskandar is one of my favorite characters of fate/zero and I think is very hot, but I think lancer (Diarmuid) is more hotter than Iskandar but I can´t find any art of him... :-(
    Anyway, I repeat: Thanks a lot for the images!!!

  8. wow! he's like a bara god to me! go to this site to download episodes guys: utw.me

  9. It's also canon that Iskander the Great is Bisexual. An interview with urobochi confirmed that if he was summoned by Kayneth instead, it would be like he's fucking both Sola and Kayneth.

    Also, you should note that there are Several characters named Rider in the Nasuverse. There's Iskander, Medusa, Francis Drake, Perseus, and so on.

  10. btw if i recall in the wiki it said he is bisexual so dream come true lol(yes i know it may not be true but hey)