Odyssey to the West

 So remember when I did a brief post on the game Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and was all, "ooh, this game starring a hunky main character is coming out soon and I can't wait to play it"? Well uh . .  so I just started it this week!

 What? SHUT UP. Yes, I know that post was like 15 months ago! SOME of us have a gaming backlog we're working through.

 Anyway. Monkey. Aforementioned hunk.

Not a single cutscene has gone by when I have not drooled over him. Half of it is his voice. Oh my gosh so gruff.

His pants, they're so tight. And they hang so low.

These screenshots don't even do his ass justice. You've got to see it in motion as it absently flexes and bounces as he walks. ♥

Yep, Monkey is a hunk alright.

Who looks good in or out of his clothes.

For our purposes however we'll be focusing on the "out" aspect.

 Insert extendable pole joke here.

 Hang in there baby.
 This game didn't sell well enough to ever get a sequel. ;_;


  1. Ah dude...i just started playing this game just this week. Was in my must play for same reasons as you i think :P

  2. Literally just got back into this game this week again tooi'm probably on my third out fourth playthrough. It is a fantastic game other than reasons that are obvious :-)