This is Kilowog. He's a Green Lantern who uses the word "Poozer" a lot because he believes in hurtful language.

He's a Bolovax Vikian from the planet Bolovax Vik. I've never read GL books, but I have always thought Kilowog was really hot.

 I mean, he obviously has all the things I desire in a man.

Super muscular body, a tendency to wear ridiculously tight clothes, a total macho alpha-male personality, rough pink skin(?)

 In one issue (sorry, I forget which) Kilowog had to be rescued from the afterlife.

 And since it was the afterlife . . .

 He was naturally naked there.

After he got out, we even got a panel with a full-body shot of his sexy pink flesh--except for that conveniently placed green smoke--before he used his ring to spin some clothes for himself. Darn stupid power rings!

 Anyway, the world seriously needs more Kilowog porn.

Are there any issues where Kilowog shows skin? (especially his ass?) DC readers, help me out!

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