Ryuuji Toramaru

Another Sakigake!! Otokojuku post!

I think I've mentioned before that Toramaru is my favorite character from the show, but never had a proper post on him. That gets rectified today!

Why is he my favorite, you ask?

Mostly it's his body!

But also just his general personality. He's a fun-loving guy who farts in the face of The Man and does his own thing! He's also got silly whiskers on his face for some reason.

Today's caps come from the Sakigake!! Otokojuku movie. Uh oh! Looks like during his fight Toramaru took a spill in the local water.

Water that was highly . . . acidic!?

How em-bare-ass-ing!

But no matter.

Toramaru puts on his serious face.

You see . . .

He's got no compunction at all about fighting in just his school-issued fundoshi!

In fact, I think he kinda likes it.

(the big exhibitionist!)

So much so that he does one of the few things that can forever cement a man in my libido.

Turning about to present his rear, Toramaru reaches back and . . .

. . . in order to goad his opponent on . . .

. . . gives himself a . . .

. . . good and loud self-spanking!

And trust me on this, Toramaru's butt is made to be spanked.

But unfortunately for the big lug (and me) his adversary isn't interested in spanking!

Instead, his spinning razor blade attacks bring the Otokojuku student low.


Blood and gore!

But Toramaru stands strong . . .

Can he withstand these vicious attacks?!

His opponent swoops in for the kill . . .

But with one powerful attack, Toramaru triumphs!

Afterwards, Toramaru's coat is still disintegrated.

So he spends the rest of the movie in his undies. x3

Unfortunately, there wasn't too much movie left by that point.

Before they know it, it's the end!

Still, no reason not to include a few parting shots, eh?

Guts and half-naked males embracing! That's the Otokojuku motto!


  1. Is...is that the Statue of Liberty?

    (How I noticed that I will never know.)

  2. Yes, they go to America in the movie.

  3. I was wondering about that. It was like NAKED FIGHT AND THEN, AMERICA.

    ...somehow, the random "AND THEN, AMERICA" thing was the most bizarre thing in this post. Which is no small feat in a post that includes the phrase "school-issued fundoshi." (And Toramaru smacking his ass while calling his foe a midget.)

  4. Guts and half-naked men embracing? Sounds like wrestling.