Tactics Ogre ^2

So remember back when I complained about there being no real Tactics Ogre porn out there?

Turns out there is . . . a little bit!

Not surprisingly, studly winged Canopus is featured heavily.

(yes, regular fanart counts as porn for him because he's just that hot)

Oh Canopus, you're so beefy! But buckle your belt sometime! (no, actually don't)

Denam and Vyce. Sadly, it wasn't meant to be.


Interestingly, bearded and hairy-chested Gildas here also got a small amount of pics.

Along with his prettier knightly buddy, Mirdyn.

Mirdyn's game profile states that "womenfolk hoping to be wooed by the handsome warrior are left disappointed, as he can manage little more than a smile." Apparently because he's gay for Gildas!

There needs to be more. ;_;


  1. Gildas is hot.
    We need more of him. ;-;

  2. Who isn't gay for Gildas?

  3. Need more of the bird guy.

  4. omg canopus porn?? Denim and Vice pics??? motherfucking GUILDAS X MIRDIN???? OMG BEST DAY EVER <<<<3333!!! AAAAAAH god DAMN dude this is SO FUCKING AWESOME aaaargh!

    hah, okay, I can stop fangasming now.

    awesome post. thank you, seriously, for sharing :P