Shower Hijinks

More fun in the Hajime no Ippo shower room!

The scene begins with Takamura asking his teammates where Aoki (a fellow boxer) is. Hearing the showers running, Takamura quickly goes in to tease the man as usual. However, he doesn't hear his teammates telling him that Aoki is actually in the bathroom . . .

So then, who's this guy in the showers? Takamura sneaks up on him regardless, not noticing the case of mistaken identity.

But how could he not notice? Even from just the back of their heads, Aoki and this man look nothing alike. Unless . . .

Ah, of course, Takamura's eyes are feasting somewhere else.

He pounces!

Then his eyes widen. This isn't Aoki!

The feel of Aoki's penis is completely different!

(yes, that means that he must shower-grope the other guy all the time if he's on such familiar terms with it)

Takamura reacts.

In horror.

Before . . . getting angry!

The other man is Sendo, a newcomer to their gym(?). He tells Takamura not to do something like that without warning, and that he "almost killed it".

But Takamura is undeterred, and further investigates the man's identity.

Then . . . they share a moment.

With Takamura's dick.

Takamura roars and demands to know what Sendo is looking at. There's the sounds of a scuffle, (along with yells like "mine is still mightier!"). The guys in the locker-room hear and rush in . . .

. . . to find . . .

. . . themselves scarred for life.

The real Aoki asks.

Takamura responds with a kick and a naked pin, blaming the whole thing on Aoki. The other two boxers freak out, while newcomer Sendo wonders if Aoki gets this kind of treatment all the time. (answer: yes)


  1. This can't be a real cartoon...did you make this?

  2. It is. Any cartoon is possible in Japan.

    Also, that things a two-hander soft. No wonder Aoki doesn't measure up. In the first translation I saw, he instead said "It's too huge. It can't be natural" or something, rather than "This size is not right."

  3. Oh it's real alright. And as usual, both scenes in the shower are less censored in the manga.

    The main character, Macunochi Ippo, is supposed to be very well endowed which they found out early in the manga, so there's also lots of big-penis jokes throughout much of the manga, including one particularly hilarious panel where Ippo is in a speedo with the tip of his dick exposed (because the speedo is much too small).

    There's also quite a lot of tent-pitching panels as well.

  4. Jay, ASDNVNKSMDWF it is so real.

    Kafm, yeah, Sendo's a biggie. ;] (but Ippo is probably bigger)

    Knowledgeable Ippo Anon! I've got that panel waiting to be posted, as well as a couple other scenes. One has Ippo in a hospital, apparently getting his bulging underwear-clad package getting felt up by a doctor?

    Even though the manga's less censored, I find that I usually prefer the anime version. Probably because it's full-screen and in color.

  5. There's a lot of Takamura bits. There's a locker room scene where Takamura is asked if he has lost weight, and so Takamura responds by strutting his stuff in the nude.

    There's also some scenes where Takamura's butt is exposed. In both cases it was because he was jerking off, hahaha.

  6. That locker-room weight-question scene's already been posted (unless there's another one?).

    Anon, I'd love some more of Takamura's muscle-butt. Anyway you could send me those scans (or just tell me what episode/chapter they're in?). SoupGoblin@gmail.com

  7. O man, I checked out those manga pages. Sendo is EVEN BIGGER in the manga. Also, that's where the translation I saw got it from. "This size is insane." And when he yells at Aoki, "You made me touch something huge."


  8. Hmm, that would be kind of difficult, sorry.

    In chapter 23 of the manga when Ippo fights Oda Yuusuke in his debut match, there's a party afterwards where Takamura pulls down Ippo's pants in a bar, exposing Ippo's bare ass in a panel.

    Im chapter 182 of the manga, Aoki's girlfriend Tomiko does a tarot reading for Ippo before an upcoming fight, but her predictions end up targeting Takamura, who recalls jerking off the previous night, and the panel shows his bare ass in front of his TV. Unfortunately I forget who Ippo was going to fight that time.

    In chapter 296 of the manga, just before the Sanada vs Ippo fight, Takamura wins an arm wrestle against Ippo and convinces him to take a tape recorder with him when confessing his feelings toward Kumiko. The scene is actually pretty sad, but somehow Takamura's naked ass makes it oddly hilarious anyway.

    Regarding Ippo girth, there's a scene after he fights Vorg where he is hospitalized, and while he's unconscious his friends play a prank, and Takamura writes "Takamura Rules" on Ippo's dick with a marker, though they don't show Ippo's dick in full they do show the kanji used to write it which we can only assume is actually on Ippo's dick while we see it, which is pretty funny, hahaha.

  9. Thanks Anon! I'll be hunting all those scenes down shortly. Wonder if the anime includes those shots, too . . . ?

  10. Ippo's cock comes up a few times in the last one. Aoki has to play with it because they don't want to nurse touching it, they right on it (and when it's shown, it's pretty big, and Aoki even says the first time he grabbed it he was scared because it's so big.

  11. In chapter 374 in the manga there's a panel of Takamura naked in the restroom, weighing himself (preparing for weight management).

    He looks like hell in the other panels but the view from behind is wonderful!

    Incidentally there's also some other bathroom scenes with Takamura but.. even though they show his bare ass.. it's kind yucky since he's doing his business in there. x_x

    I can't believe they actually show his business too, the Japanese sure do love their poo jokes and potty humor. Not my thing! Dx

    Regarding the anime, I can't really remember since it's been so long. I know the Tomiko tarot reading is in but I don't know if naked Takamura is also there or not. Ippo's butt should definitely be there though. Unfortunately that's all I can say.

  12. Ah, there's another!

    In chapter 425 of the manga Ippo and Shimabukuro strip down for the weigh in, but Ippo gets a little too overzealous and strips down to the nude. They show him from behind, but because his legs are parted there's also the silhouette of his junks, hahaha.

  13. Ippo anon, you know these way too well off the top of your head.

  14. Haha, there's more in the later chapters, but unfortunately I don't know what chapters they are in, but I can tell you what was happening at the time and give an estimate on when and where they should be, if you want to look for them.

    Before Takamura's second weight-class match, where he challenges the American called Eagle for his second belt, he gets nude for the weigh-in just like Ippo. He spreads his legs too and you can see his junks like in Ippo's weigh-in, except that in that panel it's slightly more detailed than a mere silhouette!

    And later on after Itagaki fights the semis for the rookie king, there's annoying running joke with Aoki turning into broccoli-man and Takamura runs off. During Takamura's escapades around Tokyo he visits Nekota's place and finds a hotspring which he jumps into for some skinny dipping. This shows him in a full-frontal in the manga with no censorship and, there's actually a few additional panels where he's crotch-high in water (exposing his junks about half way with no added censorship).

    But sorry I don't know the chapters for those, the skinnydipping must be somewhere around 575-580 someplace. And the weigh in must be around 520-530 someplace.

    Oh, there's also a full frontal of Aoki with no censorship but it's really kind of stupid and unappealing. Nothing to write home about, so I don't even remember when or where it is... nor would I want to... x_x

  15. what is the manga chapter for this someone anyone please tell me