Uvogin (4)

Uvogin is whisked away into a strange car. He's been captured by Kurapica (one of Hunter x Hunter's, y'know, main characters). More specifically, by Kurapica's chain of judgement!

At first, Uvogin is confident that he can easily escape. After all, he's one of the strongest members of the Phantom Troupe, and these guys in the car with him are clearly ameteurs. As soon as the paralysis poison wears off, he'll take 'em out.

But then Kurapica demonstrates the strength of his chain of judgement, coiling and tightening it around the big man . . .

And Uvogin realizes he's a bit more helpless than he thought.

He's soon knocked out by it, and the rest of the car ride proceeds in silence. Just where are they taking this hairy giant, and just what do they plan to do with him when they get there?

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