More Grunge

A few of my favorite scenes. Yes, I am in full-on fanboy mode now.

Grunge getting dragged around and tied up. (man, do I have a fetish for chain-bondage or something?)

Grunge wearing some choice lingerie. (ignore the bewbs, focus on the dumbass)

Grunge getting an anal probe . . . and enjoying it.


  1. Following the last scenes of bondage, I wander how much time it will take for Grunge to turn into a perfect gay man !!! Who's behind the mask of every man ?

  2. I like when he gets his tights pulled to keep him there... :)

  3. Heh, yeah Fabrice. And with a guy as horny as Grunge always is--now that he's learned how good it feels to have stuff up his butt, it'll only be a matter of time before he starts putting other things up there. xD

    I like that part too, Jay. Those tights sure are stretchy.