Aka. Mr. Satan, that arrogant blowhard from Dragon Ball Z. Yeah, I think he's hot despite (because of!?) the ridiculous afro. I'd have to gag most of my anime crushes at some point anyway--with Hercule I'd just have to go a step further and cover his whole head with a paper bag.

But anyway, here's the man coming out of the shower . . .

What's that, reporters at the door? Well, for the great Hercule, it's only right that the media would want to know his every move.

So busy talking about his exploits though, that his grip on the towel falls . . .

Now there's a REAL scoop!


  1. Ah, hey Croup-sama!
    I always thought Hercule(known as Mr.Satan in my country) had a little hotness aura surronding him!

    Hey, I was wondering if you'd mind linking me up again since I changed links? The new url is www.gabesyaoicorner.blogspot.com!

    Thanks for the attention!

  2. Sure dude, consider it done! I was wondering where your blog had gotten off to.