From Hunks Workshop

Some choice screenshots from the gay porn game by Masanori. ;]

This is my favorite guy in it, Niikura. So big and manly.
Isn't he adorable?
Unfortunately, because of Japanese law all the cocks are censored . . .
But we can use our imagination. ;]


  1. Ooohhh !!! Man !!! Niikura is very fantastic & such a man... But too bad for the last image... "censored"... as usual ! My ex bf was quite the same but not that tall !!! Yoshimitsu had a great collection of mangas & some....... He was very masculine, a real hung hunk !!! Thanx for sharing such artwork SoupGoblin ! Dômo arigatô gozaimasu ! Dômo !!!

  2. Oh ! by the way... such men as Niikura exist in Japan some are as tall as "him" & some not !!! But do guesse the taste & the fragrance of their skin !!! More delicious than any sake or even the best tea called gyôkuro cha !!! You make me feel so good by posting such a thing..................

  3. Who wants to set up the Association of THE Change in Japanese Law with me?

  4. yea sad in deed... where can we watch the full images without censored shit hahaha... please send us the website

  5. sad sad it is true... where can i find those omages without a censored things??

  6. They only thing that sucks about Niikuro is that he's a uke(bottom). Personally I would like to see him as a seme(top). It's times like these when I wish I could draw.