More Yakitate!! Japan

Thanks to Tinman, I found a whole other mini-arc where Suwabara's half-naked again. (actually, this'd be the first since it comes before his match vs. Monica). This time, Kawachi joins him as the team gets marooned on a desert island for a week for episodes 37-39. Stranded far from civilization, they have to . . . that's right, make more bread!

But apparently the first thing Suwabara does is strip down to the bare essentials.
Haha, fire crotch.

The others quickly join him though once it becomes clear they need to swim for safety.

After rescuing Kawachi . . .

Bit of a tussle.
These two have their differences, but agree to work together for the good of the team.
Yeah, I'd be blushing if I were stranded with a half-naked hunk too, Kawachi!

Two guys alone together in just their underwear . . . hmmmm, male bonding time? =D


Too bad Suwabara doesn't think so.

Then things start to heat up.

Er, in the literal sense.


Insert Matrix parody here!

Luckily they then get rescued by teammate and main character, Azuma!

I just love beach episodes, don't you?

Later . . .
Totally bakers.

After a good week of island baking, the three return to their vessel.
Grumpy faces. ♥
They then collapse from sunstroke and need some bedrest.

. . . still in their underwear.
Azuma gets a shirt but I guess the other two are too manly to change clothes. :3
Yeah, that's it guys. Hold those poses . . .

To wrap this post up, an out-of-context screenshot!


  1. Kawachi is definitively my favorite XD

  2. Mwahahahahaha~
    I'm sure that there is something going on between Kai and Kawachi
    God, I wish someone would make a fanart KaixKawachi or KawachixAfroManager
    Kawachi is totally a rebellious bottom :D :D
    Croup, do you remember the beginning of Monaco Arc? When the France team demonstrate their "goddess hand"
    I LOL'ed so much, not because of the wiggly-iggly fingers, but because how much it reminds me of tentacles :D :D