Gettin' Back In The Habit

Still too excited by the return to have a coherent theme. Just have some . . . some stuff!


  1. Yay! So glad to see ya back, Croup! Was worried for awhile there!

    Really looking forward to seeing more scanlations of the Ranger series - how're they coming along?

    *bounces happily back to the porn*

  2. The guy with the furry is my favorite in this one.

    And the Ripping Friends... I could never really understand the show, it was too silly for me. Although that didn't stop me from watching it, lol.

  3. *save image as*
    *save image as*
    *save image as*

    At last!
    Constantly checking your blog, the board, the forum, and back again at your blog.... every day
    Croup, without your blog, it's like breathing without fresh air...
    So now, let me suck.. err... sniff it with all my might!
    MMmmmmmmhhhh.... fwaaaaaaah
    MMmmmphhhhhhh.... fwaaaaaahhh
    MMmmphh....... ghhh *cough cough* Stupid fly!

  4. Ah, The Ripping Friends... How I miss you!

  5. Oh Tinman. I always imagined that you looked like the Tin Woodsman from Wizard of Oz, except with a giant steel boner forever ejaculating. Your new avatar is ruining that look! (joking . . . xD)

    Mir, the Dragon Ranger is coming slowly (as usual for me). I actually flt too discouraged to work on the thing all last week since I didn't think I had a place to post it anymore. We'll see if I can finish it before September!

  6. @Croup:
    *laugh* That was my first expression when I read your reply on forum, and when I saw those hot new images in your blog