Unholy Desires

From Slap-up Party: Arad Senki, the newest, er, completely generic fantasy anime. But it has fanservice! So it's okay!

It's based on the Korean MMO/Beat-'Em-Up Dungeon Fighter Online, which I hear is making it's way here to the states soon.

Anyway, focus your attention on episode 6, where the main character meets a large, burly deep-voiced man who offers to magically heal the ankle-injury he'd just acquired . . .

This job was a success!

But every good deed has it's price? The Priest decides to feel up his patient while "checking" for other injuries. Oh, Priests and their molestations.

Then we are greeted with this vision.
And so another straight boy is scarred forever. : /

Later on, the Fighter thinks back again to that horrific treatment. x3
Quite a wild imagination . . .


  1. There will be more! Just wait 'til the beach episode caps . . .

  2. Normally, most people would look down on perverted priests who molest others. But for him, he's an exception. ;)

  3. Re: Baraboylover - Judging from the amount of yaoi I've seen about various games, I think very few people look down on perverted priests who molest others.

    Re: post - I DON'T THINK HIS HEART IS THAT FAR DOWN. I ALSO BELIEVE IT IS IN THE FRONT. Not that I'm objecting, mind. Just saying for future reference.

  4. Oh... I am sooo noting down the title like, right now!!!

  5. I know that scene is supposed to be hilarious, but that looks really HOT ><

  6. Must be a Catholic priest.

  7. Tee hee!
    I just got me a new anime to watch! ^_^