The Weakest Enemies

I can understand getting defeated in a boss battle or something, but it must be pretty humiliating losing to THESE little guys.


  1. Because once they grab your cock, squeeze and suck it with their moist body, your knee instantly goes weak...
    And then you're defenseless. Next, they start lashing out their tentacles, caressing your nipple, body, ass... entering that sweet hole
    And you cant do anything b'side moans in pleasure... waiting for that final blow.. ripped from inside
    Fortunately at that time, you wouldnt care anymore...

    Ah... jellies, such an underated monster...

  2. Tinman's comment made me fuckin' hard.

    Loved it, you should post this kind of stuff more often.

  3. Healie/Ragnar OTP!

  4. tinman, please write a book on tentacle rape. I came when I read that comment.