Eyeshield 21

Align CenterEyeshield 21! An anime about (American!) football that . . . I never got around to watching!

So I put off doing a post on it for years because, y'know, I wanted to watch it first and stuff. But at this point I can admit I'll probably never get past the first three or so episodes. Too many other things on my plate! You people will just have to look at some porn . . . without context.


I don't even know their names!

Who are they? Who can say?

Not me, that's for sure.

Don't ask me whose asses these belong to!

Because it's a complete mystery.

Oh, well this guy at least I know.

It's Otowara! Not wearing pants is kinda his thing!

He's my main crush. ♥

Other muscular characters include . . . this guy!

These dudes too.

Oh! Here's one thing I remember. In the first episode, in order to get new members for the team, Hiruma stripped three guys naked and took some dirty pictures to blackmail them with.

. . . then ended up posting them anyway. (I like his style)

Okay, are we done with the screencaps and manga scans now?

Yes? All that's left is fanart and porn?


Now we're on a roll!

Eyeshield 21. ;_;


  1. Hey Croup
    This is all really great stuff but i wanted to know if you could let me know where one of the pictures came from. Its the fourth from the bottom, the one with the locker room scene with Sena and Monta. If you can it would be much appreciated as I would like to find more of their work.

  2. I remember I wanted to watch because watching out two episodes of "The Prince of Tennis" had gotten me interested in tennis. My dad is a huge football fanatic. And I would be able to surprise him how well I knew this stuff. Also if they made a live action of this like they did Dragonball Z. I want Aaron Rodgers to play someone cause he looks like an anime chara. Look him up he totally does.