Introducing Slake!

art by Jubell

Those of you who follow me on furaffinity have probably noticed recent postings of a blue-skinned oni. He's my own original character, Slake!

Even though I'm no artist, I've always kinda wanted my own character to play around with and pair up with others because I'm a whore. Now I do!

the following series of three drawings are by Crimsonblood

Slake is a badass who's several hundred years old. He was exiled from the Oni Kingdom because he tried to revolt against his father, the Oni King. Now he's forced to reside in human lands. Oh, how he loathes those disgusting humans!

Physical features include blue skin, yellow eyes, small horns, cute lil fangs, a ying-yang tattoo, and of course a buff, muscular body. He likes comfortable clothes, but because he's an Oni he still always wears traditional tiger-skin fundoshi as underwear.

stop ogling, you gross humans!

Because Slake gets bored easily and doesn't have much to do, he often sends small disasters to nearby villages. This is so that they'll send a strong warrior to fight him. Slake lives for combat, and (usually) only does bad things to get attention and have fights over. He HATES fighting weak opponents though, and will punish any who try with a brisk and humiliating spanking before sending them back with orders to return when they're stronger. ;3

art by Grisser

For more information you can check out his complete profile here.

So yeah, it's nice to have an OC around and stuff~ If anybody's ever in the mood to draw fanart or somethin', here is an available beefy subject~


  1. Who did you get to draw that first image? Looks like the work of a prossie.

    In other news, I love the Grisser rendition!

  2. i have an idea for a character but no one to draw it