Ryotsu the Giant (2)

Last time on Kochikame! Ryotsu had grown to the size of a giant and was wandering naked through the city before being surrounded by police! The question on everyone's mind is, how will they ever find clothes to fit such a mammoth man?

Turns out . . . pretty easily!(?!?!?!)

Ryotsu soon acclimates to his new life as a giant. He's always enjoyed playing with model trains and cars . . .

Now he can play with the real thing!

It's not all fun and games though! Ryotsu is soon put to work!

His large size allows him to assist in a variety of tasks.

Go, Ryo-san!

There's that kitty again . . .

Oh no! The city is being attacked by a giant monster!

Hahah, nope! That's just Ryotsu in a giant monster suit helping film a motion picture!

Then the city gets destroyed by meteors.

JUST KIDDING AGAIN. That can't happen as long as they have Ryo-san to protect them!

This big . . . thing should come in handy!

Batter up.

Here comes the first one . . .

Out of the park!

Things are going well until reports come of a much bigger asteroid approaching. This one is the mother lode!

Too big . . . even for Ryotsu?!


Luckily that scientist manufactured a whole slew of those size-increasing thingamabobs!

For the EARTH!


Will it work . . . ?


This is it everybody!

The moment of truth.


Ryotsu increases size like he's never increased before!

Exponentially doubling, tripling, quadrupling his mass!


Breaking through the cloud cover!

Like this!

And still getting larger!

Truly a sight to behold.

His shapely calves are the size of mountains.

Seems like the city's acquired a new landmark . . .

The 8th Wonder of the World?

"Huh, what's that?"

"Are internet pervs checking out my body again!?"

No time for that now, Ryo-san! The asteroid's fast on it's way!
Better get up there!

A flying leap . . .

Off like a rocket!

And . . . into space!

This is it now!

Naked . . .



He did it!

That pesky asteroid won't bother anybody ever again.

Ryo-san falls back to Earth in triumph.

Almost there . . .

Gentle now . . .

Ryo-san saved the city from harm!

(the end ;3)


  1. If this show were in production now, this episode would have to be cancelled. Too soon for flood jokes!

  2. "Huh, what's that?"

    "Are internet pervs checking out my body again!?"

    I quote this because as soon as I got to this, I lost my shit entirely.

    ...to be fair, though, we're equal-opportunity pervs. As long as you meet our standards, we'll ogle as long as we like. (Although I prefer the title "male connoisseur.")

  3. Link to where we can download or watch the episode please!

  4. yes, i would like the link too plz ^^

  5. Male Connoisseur, I like that.

  6. http://www.tusdivx.org/anime-peliculas-series-y-ost-en-dd/23352-kochikame-%5B129-367%5D%5Bdd%5D%5Bmegaupload%5D.html

    Link to the episodes, no thx needed, wank away pervs.

  7. http://www.tudou.com/playlist/playindex.do?lid=6955283&iid=44257114&cid=9

    To watch other episoded, type kiss in the /www.tudou.com/playlist part to download the episode as a flv.

    Example: http://www.kisstudou.com/playlist/playindex.do?lid=6955283&iid=44257114&cid=9