Fullmetal Alchemist: Darius (1 of 2)

Warning! This post contains spoilers for the Fullmetal Alchemist manga and Brotherhood anime!

So incredibly, there's even more beefcake in the second FMA anime than there was in the first. Who knew! Well, people who read the manga, I guess. Er, hahah! In addition to the obligatory Armstrong and Scar who we already knew about, we've also got buff gorilla-man Darius now.

We first get to know him as an officer serving Kimblee, along with his boyfriend--I mean, partner, Heinkel.

Spoiler alert! Kimblee is a big fat meanie. : /

Anyway, they just seem like two normal, nondescript beefy soldiers until . . .

We find out that they're actually . . .

. . . fearsome chimera! Humans infused with animal parts!

Heinkel's a lion.

While Darius is a big, burly gorilla!

They are the reason so many furry fans suddenly got into FMA. Grrr.

Their shirts were kind enough to rip apart when they transformed (I love when that happens) so we get to see their rock-hard abs a lot.

They seem like pretty bad dudes until they start to make adorable, goofy faces at each other.

That's when you know that they'll turn into good guys at some point! =D

That happens sooner rather than later, when they help Edward Elric out a bit.

The three are soon fast friends.

I like Darius because, even when wearing a sweater, his brawny muscly goodness shows through.

I dunno, are sweaters supposed to show six-packs? Maybe it's a few sizes too small.

Umm . . . but I won't complain.

But I don't think you're here to see Darius in a sweater, are you?

Let's take a look at a few more revealing shots of him in these . . . really dark screenshots!

He does that awesome shirt-ripping flexing thing that I adore so much. SO MUCH. All men should be able to do this.

His gorilla-form looks pretty much like his regular one except a bit bigger, and big furry patches on his arms and between his pecs. Perfect for . . . snuggling in, maybe? What?

He beats his chest like King Kong. To remind you that he's a gorilla!

Besides his hideous mullet, his body is pretty much 100% great.

Here we got some action Darius.


He's got animal instincts~

Spoiler alert! The caps are dark because sometimes FMA happens at nighttime.

More manly cute!face.

Awww, he cares about his partner.

It must be nice to be a background character in FMA. You get to do important things like hold Al's head for him.

Awww, taking care of his BF.

He also sports a tanktop, because that's what big manly working men wear, y'know.

What a protrusive chin!


More action!Darius!

Yes . . . It's a good thing indeed . . .

"It's Darius!"


  1. I think its funny he goes to work at the circus in the end LOL I would definitely pay money to see him anytime.

  2. I just got finish seeing "Girl on the Battlefield last week on adult swim. Cannot wait to start seeing this Darius character.

  3. I like that you added all these cool pictures of him but I don't mean to be offensive to anyone but I don't like it when you think he or anyone else is gay no offense.

  4. Yeah, how dare I imply such a thing. e_e

  5. I mean don't get me wrong I know other people think this stuff too.I just don't like it but if you like it that's you I wouldn't blame you I'm starting to think the same thing too.And he is hot!!!!.but I just don't like thinking these fantasies.

  6. i want to be exactly like darius. even have the awsome chin and the mullet

  7. When you're that beefy, you can get away with anything. Including a mullet.